bts official shop

It is no exaggeration for the BTS to be called a “world bomb.” Seven Korean boys spent six years creating countless “firsts”. BTS is the first Korean singer to appear on the US iTunes Top Album Chart with a Korean regular album. BTS is the first Korean singer to enter the top 100 British gold albums. BTS is the first Korean singer to board the US billboard Billboard 200 three times in a row. BTS was the first Asian singer to receive the Best Social Media Artist Award at the American Signage Music Awards. BTS was the first Asian artist to win the best group in the American Signage Music Awards. Not only that, BTS also appeared on the cover of the “TIME” magazine, and delivered a full English speech on the UNICEF youth agenda of the UN General Assembly.

On October 18th, the BTS Bulletproof Youth League also released a flash shop “BTS POP-UP: HOUSE OF BTS” in the Gangnam area of ​​Seoul on the same day, in addition to the release of the “Make it right” Remix version in cooperation with Lau. This is a bts official shop. The editor can only say that the brokerage company has not let go of everyone!

The flash shop contains the bt21 merchandise sales area on the first floor and the exhibition hall on the basement floor with the theme of “MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA”. Not only does the interactive zone set up so that ARMY can swing with the music, there are many classic scenes of MV and representative album songs. In addition, the garden outside the third floor is also dedicated to the “ARMY theme area”. The ARMY stick of up to 2 meters is installed everywhere, adding a lot of bulletproof atmosphere to the night. Commodity sales are mainly related to <DNA>, <MIC Drop>, <FAKE LOVE>, <IDOL> and <Boy With Luv>!

The theme of D~N~A~<DNA> is brighter and more colorful, and the main color is “yellow”. Everything has the word “DNA” on everything, from university sweaters, eco bags, paper tapes to mobile phone cases!

It is really not easy to keep the initial heart and modesty at the height of the BTS Bulletproof Youth League. But they did it, and they did not arrogant. One of bt21 characters RM said: “We are still the boys you met six years ago. They still have the same dreams and goals, let us continue to move forward!”

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