2019 BT21 Christmas

The ONE, a trend-setting place in Tsim Sha Tsui
With the fastest growing international portrait brand in the world
With the international idol group BTS (Bullet Youth League)
The cosmic star “BT21” created together is the theme.
Create the world’s first BT21 universe Christmas theme store layout
BT21 MEETS The ONE Winter Dreaming Roaming Universe.


Open from now until January 1st, 2019, let everyone celebrate the fantasy BT21 Christmas . BT21 members VAN, TATA, CHIMMY, COOKY, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG and KOYA will be placed in the atrium of UG2 in The ONE store as a “Cosmic Christmas Base”. Be prepared to take photos with everyone in the eight positions.

In addition, during the “BT21 MEETS The ONE Winter Dreaming Roaming Universe” period, the store is located in the open-air plaza on the ground floor of The ONE shopping mall. In addition to the collection of the city’s best-selling and latest BT21 merch, the BT21 member’s Christmas winter model is the first in Hong Kong. exposure!

Of course, there are also a number of limited consumer benefits, including BT21 warm heart hand pillow and BT21 view “star” insulation folding chair, to spend a warm Christmas.

Pink strong rabbit BT21 COOKY sits in the spaceship, waiting for the fans to fly in his dream spaceship together!

The passionate dog BT21 CHIMMY squats in front of the Vientiane, waiting for the fans to explore the mysteries of the universe!

The seemingly lazy BT21 KOYA is actually a sort of finishing king. The BT21 Christmas ornaments are hung with a 4.5-meter-high “Cosmic Shining Christmas Tree”, sitting quietly with the fans to welcome Christmas!

Masked hot dance pony BT21 MANG is waiting for fans to take photos with him.